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Family Values
Values are important to us! It's what makes us, US! We don’t take you or anyone for granted. We’re a team and always want to win!


  • We value safety above all else.
  • We treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect.


  • We lead with humility and always think of others first.
  • Positive environment even when we make decisions that balance the good of the company with the good of the employee.


  • We enjoy coming to work every day because of the people we work with, the important work we do, and the enjoyment it brings.
  • We practice open, real communication.


  • We develop and manage our production system based on lean manufacturing, best practices, and lessons learned.
  • We innovate and consistently improve.


  • We create a business and work environment that inspire us to do our best every day.
  • We have the drive to win and always go the extra mile.


  • We work together based upon truth, trust, positive intent, and transparency.
  • We actually teach, coach and develop each other.